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Special Offer!

We are happy to announce an introductory offer of 5% off your first purchase of High Street Beard oil products! A discount of 10% off two or more products is available when you place your order online by emailing [email protected].

The High Street Beard

Just For Men have teamed up with The High Street Beard to offer what is undoubtedly the most unique beard care range in the world. Handcrafted with the finest African Baobab oil, Marula oil, Kalahari melon seed oil, Mafura butter and Gum arabic! 

Our lightweight, rapid absorbing oils keep your beard hair conditioned and your skin moisturised and hydrated. Say goodbye to bearddruff, itchiness and dry coarse bristles. All our products are fragranced with a unique combination of essential oils and perfumery aromas, which when combined deliver longer lasting complex aromas that wear like a good cologne.
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Beard Oil (Citrus, Earthy, Spicy or Woody fragrances - 30ml)£13.50
Beard Tonic (50ml)£9.50
Beard Balm (Woodsmoke or Citrus fragrances - 30 grams)£6.95
Mustache Wax£6.50
Wooden Beard Comb£3.50
Beard Soap£4.95

How To Spoil Your Mane, Proper!

In three easy steps...

Step 1: Apply Beard Soap - Spicy Bay and Orange

If you are not shampooing your beard 3 to 5 times a week, you may be leaving unwanted deposits in there. This could result in spots and irritation to the skin surface.

a) Wet your beard thoroughly and lather the beard soap in the palm of your hands, then into your facial hair.

b) Make sure that you rinse out your mane thoroughly, as remaining residue may cause irritation.

c) Gently towel dry your beard. Once it's dry your beard should feel softer already, but you haven’t finished there!

Step 2: Apply Beard Tonic

This is designed to be left in your mane. This specially formulated mix of Amino Acids and Glutamine provides protein packed nourishment for your beard. It strengthens your facial hair, conditions like crazy and promotes healthy growth. Simply spritz your beard, hold 3cm away working left to right or right to left (whichever your prefer).

You are now ready for the most unique beard oil in the world.

Step 3: Apply Beard Oil

Are you...

  • Spicy?
  • Earthy?
  • Woody?
  • Citrus

Easy to apply - regulated oil flow - rapid absorption - made from the finest African oils and fragrances with a rich blend of essential oils and perfumery.

a) Choose the oil fragrance that you like

b) Squirt 3–4 drops into the palm of your hand depending on the length of your mane.

c) Warm the oil by gently rubbing your hands together and spread evenly through your beard using your fingers like a comb. Massage gently into your skin to stop itching to the skin surface.

traditional barbering wet shave

The Beard Comb

Made from peach wood, this bespoke comb aids the rapid absorption of your beard products. It is non-scratching, so it should not cause damage to your beard or skin surface (unless you are too heavy handed!)

a) Comb your beard from beneath the jawline upwards toward your mouth. Follow your jawline repeating the same movement from left to right to your cheek area.

b) Then reverse the process stroking downwards, completely immersing the beard hair in the tonic and beard oil.

Beard Balm

Styling your beard doesn’t get any easier. You can quickly tame those fly away hairs or give your beard amazing volume. This will shape and add extra condition!

Stache Wax

Looking to train your moustache? Our wax provides firm hold and it gives a totally natural look. It sticks and holds like nothing else!

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